Unlawful Detainer
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"Unlawful detainer" refers to the situation where a tenant has elected to remain in possession of a rental property after the termination or expiration of the lease agreement.  In the time period prior to the modern statutes, often times referred to as the common law, it was permissible for the landlord to enter the rental property and remove the tenant by force.  Now, however, Courts are required to respect the tenant's Fifth Amendment (of the United States Constitution) due process rights.  Accordingly, landlords are required to first file an unlawful detainer action demanding possession of the property, unpaid rent and any additional damages. 

Each state and territory has passed their own statutes mandating the procedures that must occur during this process.  The following covers each of the various statutes relating to the pre-suit notices, complaint and summons requirements, trial requirements, and the eviction proceedings, including process, judgments, costs and appeals.




AL ST § 6-6-310 Definitions
AL ST § 6-6-311 To what estates applicable
AL ST § 6-6-312 Commencement of action where property held jointly
AL ST § 6-6-313 Effect of temporary absence
AL ST § 6-6-314 Liability of lessee holding over; how such recovered
AL ST § 6-6-315 Uninterrupted occupation for three years bars action
AL ST § 6-6-316 Action of trespass, etc., not precluded
AL ST § 6-6-317 Notice or demand
AL ST § 6-6-318 Courts deemed always open
AL ST § 6-6-319 Forms for judgment, restitution or possession
AL ST § 6-6-330 Jurisdiction
AL ST § 6-6-331 Venue
AL ST § 6-6-332 Process - Form of notice; service and return thereof
AL ST § 6-6-333 Process - Neglect or refusal to execute by sheriff or constable
AL ST § 6-6-334 Failure of witnesses to attend or refusal to testify
AL ST § 6-6-335 Proceedings when parties appear or defendant fails to do so
AL ST § 6-6-336 Extent of inquiry
AL ST § 6-6-337 Proceedings upon determination for either plaintiff or defendant
AL ST § 6-6-350 To circuit court from district court
AL ST § 6-6-351 Writs of restitution or possession - Suspension upon payment of rent by defendant
AL ST § 6-6-352 Writs of restitution or possession - Issuance by circuit court
AL ST § 6-6-353 Proceedings when determination is against appellant
AL ST § 12-19-92 Constables' fees generally; exception as to Jefferson County
AL ST § 35-9-5 Notice to terminate tenancy for term less than one year
AL ST § 35-9-6 Notice to quit for breach or default of terms of lease
AL ST § 35-9-7 Service of demand or notice
AL ST § 35-9-8 Notice unnecessary when tenancy is for certain period
AL ST § 35-9-9 Remedies extended to lessor's grantees, etc.
AL ST § 35-9-10 Remedies extended to lessee's grantees
AL ST § 35-9-11 Right of landlord to enforce lien against sublessees or as signees
AL ST § 35-9-12 Seizure of crops upon abandonment of premises
AL ST § 35-9-13 Recovery of rent upon death of life tenant who has demised estate
AL ST § 35-9-14 Tenant responsible for sewer services bill


AK ST § 09.45.070 Action for forcible entry or detention
AK ST § 09.45.090 Unlawful holding by force
AK ST § 09.45.100 Notice to quit
AK ST § 09.45.105 Content of notice to quit
AK ST § 09.45.110 Time when action to recover possession may be brought
AK ST § 09.45.120 Summons and continuance
AK ST § 09.45.130 Action against persons paying rent in advance
AK ST § 09.45.135 Action against tenant occupying premises abated as nuisance
AK ST § 09.45.140 Agricultural tenant
AK ST § 09.45.150 Inquiry into merits of title
AK ST § 09.45.158 Action by nonprofit housing corporation
AK ST § 09.45.160 Actions for possession of realty
AK ST § 09.45.630 Actions for recovery of real property
AK ST § 09.45.640 Damages for withholding property and value of improvements as setoff
AK ST § 09.45.650 Termination of right to recover property during pendency of action
AK ST § 09.45.660 Order for survey and measurement of property
AK ST § 09.45.670 Effect of alienation by person in possession
AK ST § 09.45.690 Failure to pay rent
AK ST § 09.45.700 Judgment in actions to recover possession
AK ST § 09.45.710 Possession when new trial granted
AK ST § 34.03.220 Noncompliance with rental agreement; failure to pay rent
AK ST § 34.03.225 Limitations on mobile home park operator's right to terminate
AK ST § 34.03.230 Remedies for absence, nonuse and abandonment
AK ST § 34.03.240 Waiver of landlord's right to terminate
AK ST § 34.03.270 Remedy after termination


AZ ST § 12-1171 Acts which constitute forcible entry or detainer
AZ ST § 12-1172 Definition of forcible entry
AZ ST § 12-1173 Definition of forcible detainer; substitution of parties
AZ ST § 12-1174 Immateriality of time possession obtained by tenant
AZ ST § 12-1175 Complaint and answer; service and return
AZ ST § 12-1176 Demand for jury; trial procedure
AZ ST § 12-1177 Trial and issue; postponement of trial
AZ ST § 12-1178 Judgment; writ of restitution; limitation on issuance; criminal violation; notice
AZ ST § 12-1179 Appeal to superior court; notice; bond
AZ ST § 12-1180 Stay of proceedings on judgment; record on appeal
AZ ST § 12-1181 Trial and judgment on appeal; writ of restitution
AZ ST § 12-1182 Appeal to supreme court; stay and bond
AZ ST § 12-1183 Proceedings no bar to certain actions
AZ ST § 33-1368 Noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent; utility discontinuation; liability for guests; definition
AZ ST § 33-1373 Remedy after termination
AZ ST § 33-1374 Recovery of possession limited
AZ ST § 33-1375 Periodic tenancy; hold-over remedies
AZ ST § 33-1376 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
AZ ST § 33-1377 Special detainer actions; service; trial postponement


AR ST § 18-17-901 Grounds for eviction of tenant
AR ST § 18-17-902 Eviction proceeding
AR ST § 18-17-903 Service of rule--Posting and mailing requirements
AR ST § 18-17-904 Tenant ejected on failure to show cause
AR ST § 18-17-905 Trial of issue
AR ST § 18-17-907 Effect of verdict for plaintiff
AR ST § 18-17-908 Effect of verdict for defendant
AR ST § 18-17-909 Appeal
AR ST § 18-17-910 Bond required to stay eviction on appeal
AR ST § 18-60-301 Declaration
AR ST § 18-60-302 Unauthorized entry
AR ST § 18-60-303 Elements of forcible entry and detainer offense
AR ST § 18-60-304 Actions constituting unlawful detainer
AR ST § 18-60-306 Jurisdiction
AR ST § 18-60-307 Pleadings, hearing and writs
AR ST § 18-60-309 Damages
AR ST § 18-60-310 Writs of possession
AR ST § 18-60-311 Disputed right of possession
AR ST § 18-60-312 Trespass or ejectment
AR ST § 18-61-104 Forcible entry; unlawful detainer


CA CIVIL § 1942.3 Unlawful detainer; burden of proof; rebuttable presumption landlord breached habitability requirements; conditions
CA CIVIL § 1952 Actions for unlawful detainer, forcible entry, and forcible detainer; effect
CA CIVIL § 1952.3 Unlawful detainer; possession not in issue; conversion to action for damages
CA CIV PRO § 715.010 Writ of possession of real property; application; contents; service
CA CIV PRO § 715.020 Execution of writ
CA CIV PRO § 715.030 Disposition of personal property remaining on real property
CA CIV PRO § 715.040 Execution of writ by registered process server; filing with levying officer; duties of levying officer; fees
CA CIV PRO § 715.050 Writ of possession; enforcement without delay; exception for mobile homes or manufactured homes
CA CIV PRO § 1161 Unlawful detainer defined
CA CIV PRO § 1162 Notice; methods of service
CA CIV PRO § 1164 Necessary parties defendant; joinder; judgment; subtenants after notice to tenant; persons bound by judgment
CA CIV PRO § 1166 Complaint; verification; allegations; attachments to complaint; summons
CA CIV PRO § 1166a Writ of possession; issuance and directions; grounds; undertaking; findings; order for immediate possession
CA CIV PRO § 1167 Summons; form; issuance; service and return
CA CIV PRO § 1167.3 Answer or amendment; time allowed
CA CIV PRO § 1167.4 Motion to quash service or stay or dismiss action; time
CA CIV PRO § 1169 Entry of default; application for relief
CA CIV PRO § 1170.5 Time of trial; extension; trial not within time; order of payment; amount of damages
CA CIV PRO § 1170.7 Summary judgment; motion; grant or denial
CA CIV PRO § 1171 Jury trial
CA CIV PRO § 1172 Prima facie case; defense
CA CIV PRO § 1173 Amendment of complaint to conform to proof; terms; continuance
CA CIV PRO § 1174 Judgment for possession of premises; forfeiture of lease or agreement; rental payments; damages; enforcement; personal property; notice; storage; release; disposal; liability
CA CIV PRO § 1174.2 Affirmative defense of breach of landlord's obligations or warranty of habitability; determination of substantial breach; judgment for tenant; judgment for landlord, on failure to pay rent to date of trial
CA CIV PRO § 1174.21 Landlords in violation of section 1942.4; attorneys' fees and costs
CA CIV PRO § 1174.25 Occupant filing prejudgment claim of right to possession; time to file; appearance; claimant as unlawful detainer defendant
CA CIV PRO § 1174.3 Occupants not named in judgment for possession; claim of right to possession; filing; hearing; further proceedings; form
CA CIV PRO § 1174.5 Recovery of unpaid rent; effect of judgment on liability of lessee
CA GOVT § 7060.6 Unlawful detainer proceedings


CO ST § 13-40-104 Unlawful detention defined
CO ST § 13-40-106 Written demand
CO ST § 13-40-107 Notice to quit
CO ST § 13-40-107.5 Termination of tenancy for substantial violation-- definition--legislative declaration
CO ST § 13-40-108 Service of notice to quit
CO ST § 13-40-109 Jurisdiction of courts
CO ST § 13-40-110 Action--how commenced
CO ST § 13-40-111 Issuance and return of summons
CO ST § 13-40-112 Service
CO ST § 13-40-113 Answer of defendant--additional and amended pleadings
CO ST § 13-40-114 Delay in trial--undertaking
CO ST § 13-40-115 Judgment--writ of restitution
CO ST § 13-40-116 Dismissal

CT ST § 47a-23 Notice to quit possession or occupancy of premises. Form. Delivery. Federal termination notice
CT ST § 47a-23a Complaint
CT ST § 47a-23b Service of notice to quit or summons if lessee a nonresident or if whereabouts unknown
CT ST § 47a-23c Prohibition on eviction of certain tenants except for good cause
CT ST § 47a-25 Waiver of notice to quit
CT ST § 47a-26 Failure to appear. Judgment
CT ST § 47a-26a Failure to plead. Judgment
CT ST § 47a-26b Motion and order for payments for use and occupancy
CT ST § 47a-26c Advancement of pleadings. Failure to plead
CT ST § 47a-26d Trial. Finding. Judgment
CT ST § 47a-26h Persons bound by judgment. Notice. Exemption
CT ST § 47a-42 Eviction of tenant and occupants from residential property. Removal and sale of unclaimed possessions and personal effects
CT ST § 47a-43 Complaint and procedure: Forcible entry and detainer; entry and detainer
CT ST § 47a-44 Judge to try issue unless jury moved for and bond posted
CT ST § 47a-45 Summoning of jury
CT ST § 47a-45a Finding. Judgment. Costs. Title to land not affected
CT ST § 47a-46 When double damages allowable

DE ST TI 25 § 5113 Service of notices or pleadings and process
DE ST TI 25 § 5117 Remedies for violation of the rental agreement or the Code
DE ST TI 25 § 5502 Landlord remedies for failure to pay rent
DE ST TI 25 § 5515 Landlord's remedies relating to holdover tenants
DE ST TI 25 § 5701 Jurisdiction and venue
DE ST TI 25 § 5702 Grounds for summary proceeding
DE ST TI 25 § 5703 Who may maintain proceeding
DE ST TI 25 § 5704 Commencement of action and notice of complaint
DE ST TI 25 § 5705 Service and filing of notice
DE ST TI 25 § 5706 Manner of service
DE ST TI 25 § 5707 Contents of complaint generally
DE ST TI 25 § 5708 Additional contents of certain complaints
DE ST TI 25 § 5709 Answer
DE ST TI 25 § 5710 Trial

DC CODE § 16-1110 Recovery, by landlord, of furniture, arrears in rent, and damages; separate counts
DC CODE § 16-1124 Ejectment for non-payment of rent; time limitation on relief from judgment; set-off; dismissal upon payment
DC CODE § 16-1501 Definition; summons
DC CODE § 16-1502 Service of summons
DC CODE § 16-1503 Judgment and execution for possession
DC CODE § 42-3201 Notice to quit--Unnecessary with lease for certain term; landlord's right to immediate possession
DC CODE § 42-3206 Service of notice to quit
DC CODE § 42-3207 Refusal to surrender possession; double rent
DC CODE § 42-3210 Action in ejectment--When proper
DC CODE § 42-3211 Action in ejectment--Claims for arrears of rent, double rent, and waste; jurisdiction of court; money judgment
DC CODE § 42-3212 Consolidation of actions for arrears of rent and possession
DC CODE § 42-3213 Landlord's lien for rent--Time of existence
DC CODE § 42-3214 Landlord's lien for rent--How enforced
DC CODE § 42-3215 Landlord's lien for rent--When attachment issuable; executing officer's power of entry
DC CODE § 42-3216 Landlord's lien for rent--Property subject to lien not to be executed on by another without payment of rent due; when rent in arrears exceeds 3 months
DC CODE § 42-3217 Distress not unlawful and party making it not trespasser ab initio because of irregularity; special damages recoverable; costs; tender of amends defeats recovery
DC CODE § 42-3218 Fraudulent removal, conveyance, or concealment of property to defeat lien subjects guilty party to forfeiture of double value of such property
DC CODE § 42-3219 Representatives of life tenant may recover proportion of rent from under-tenant


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FL ST § 82.01 “Unlawful entry and forcible entry” defined
FL ST § 82.02 “Unlawful entry and unlawful detention” defined
FL ST § 82.03 Remedy for unlawful entry and forcible entry
FL ST § 82.04 Remedy for unlawful detention
FL ST § 82.05 Questions involved in this proceeding
FL ST § 82.061 Process
FL ST § 82.071 Trial; evidence as to damages
FL ST § 82.081 Trial; form of verdict
FL ST § 82.091 Judgment and execution
FL ST § 82.101 Effect of judgment
FL ST § 83.58 Remedies; tenant holding over
FL ST § 83.59 Right of action for possession
FL ST § 83.595 Choice of remedies upon breach or early termination by tenant
FL ST § 83.60 Defenses to action for rent or possession; procedure
FL ST § 83.62 Restoration of possession to landlord

GA ST § 44-7-49 Writ of possession; limitations
GA ST § 44-7-50 Demand for possession; proceedings on tenant's refusal to deliver
GA ST § 44-7-51 Summons to be served on defendant; time to answer; defenses and counterclaims
GA ST § 44-7-52 Offer of payment by the tenant
GA ST § 44-7-53 Failure to answer; issuance of writ of possession; answer and trial
GA ST § 44-7-54 Payment of rent into court
GA ST § 44-7-55 Judgment and satisfaction
GA ST § 44-7-56 Appeal
GA ST § 44-7-59 Removal of tenant's manufactured home, etc., after writ of possession has been entered

HI ST § 521-71 Termination of tenancy; landlord's remedies for holdover tenants
HI ST § 521-72 Landlord's remedies for improper use
HI ST § 666-1 Summary possession on termination or forfeiture of lease
HI ST § 666-2 Tenancy from month to month, etc.; termination, extension
HI ST § 666-3 Forfeiture, warning, notice to vacate, refunds
HI ST § 666-4 Oral leases not exceeding one year, valid
HI ST § 666-5 Acceptance of rent during litigation, effect of
HI ST § 666-6 Summary possession proceedings; venue
HI ST § 666-7 Jurisdiction; joinder
HI ST § 666-8 Service
HI ST § 666-9 Return day
HI ST § 666-11 Judgment; writ of possession
HI ST § 666-12 How writ executed
HI ST § 666-13 Effect of writ
HI ST § 666-14 Writ stayed how, in proceedings for nonpayment of rent

ID ST § 6-301 Forcible entry defined
ID ST § 6-302 Forcible detainer defined
ID ST § 6-303 Unlawful detainer defined
ID ST § 6-304 Service of notice
ID ST § 6-305 Jurisdiction of district court
ID ST § 6-308 Parties defendant
ID ST § 6-310 Action for possession--Complaint--Summons
ID ST § 6-311 Continuance
ID ST § 6-311A Judgment on trial by court
ID ST § 6-311C Form of execution
ID ST § 6-311D Additional undertaking on appeal
ID ST § 6-311E Action for damages--Complaint--Summons
ID ST § 6-312 Judgment by default
ID ST § 6-313 Trial by jury
ID ST § 6-314 Sufficiency of evidence--Defenses
ID ST § 6-315 Amendment of complaint
ID ST § 6-316 Judgment--Restitution
ID ST § 6-317 Treble damages
ID ST § 6-318 Pleadings must be verified
ID ST § 6-319 Appeal as stay
ID ST § 6-320 Action for damages and specific performance by tenant

IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-104 Demand--Notice—Return
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-104.1 Demand; Notice; Return; Condominium and Contract Purchasers
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-104.2 Demand--Notice--Termination of Lease and Possession of a Condominium
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-106 Pleadings and evidence
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-107 Constructive service
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-107.5 Notice to unknown occupants
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-108 Jury trial
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-109 Trial ex parte
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-109.5 Standard of Proof
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-110 Judgment for whole premises--Stay of enforcement
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-111 Condominium property
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-111.1 Lease to bona fide tenant
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-112 Judgment for part of premises
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-114 Judgment against plaintiff
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-116 Pending appeal
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-117 Expiration of Judgment
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-202 Wilfully holding over
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-203 Holding over after notice
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-204 Rent in arrears--Re-entry
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-211 Service of demand or notice
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-212 Evidence of service
IL ST CH 735 § 5/9-213 Expiration of term

IN ST 32-30-1-5 Limitations of actions generally
IN ST 32-30-2-1 Persons entitled to bring action
IN ST 32-30-2-2 Substitution of landlord for tenant defendant
IN ST 32-30-2-3 Service upon nonresident tenant
IN ST 32-30-2-4 Contents of complaint
IN ST 32-30-2-5 Answer
IN ST 32-30-2-6 Plaintiff not required to prove defendant in possession of premises
IN ST 32-30-2-7 Limitation on recovery for use of premises
IN ST 32-30-2-8 Expiration of plaintiff's interest; damages only
IN ST 32-30-2-9 Multiple parties; procedures
IN ST 32-30-2-10 Application for new trial
IN ST 32-30-3-1 Affidavits; contents
IN ST 32-30-3-2 Appearance; order
IN ST 32-30-3-3 Issuance of order for possession
IN ST 32-30-3-4 Order shortening time for hearing; temporary restraining order
IN ST 32-30-3-5 Preliminary determination of right to possession
IN ST 32-30-3-6 Written undertaking executed by surety and filed by plaintiff
IN ST 32-30-3-7 Order of possession; execution; contents
IN ST 32-30-3-8 Written undertaking executed by surety and filed by defendant requiring return of possession
IN ST 32-30-3-9 Delivery of order of possession
IN ST 32-30-3-10 Custody of property

IA ST § 648.1 Grounds
IA ST § 648.3 Notice to quit
IA ST § 648.4 Notice terminating tenancy
IA ST § 648.5 Jurisdiction--hearing--personal service
IA ST § 648.6 Notice to lienholders
IA ST § 648.10 Service by publication
IA ST § 648.18 Possession--bar
IA ST § 648.20 Order for removal
IA ST § 648.22 Judgment--execution--costs

KS ST 58-2542 Jurisdiction of courts; procedure
KS ST 58-2570 Termination of tenancy; notice; holdover by tenant; remedies; notice obligating tenant beyond terms of lease agreement, form
KS ST 60-1001 Actions for possession; ejectmen
KS ST 60-1002 Quieting or determining title or interest in property
KS ST 60-1003 Partition
KS ST 60-1004 Occupying claimants
KS ST 60-1005 Replevin; claim for possession of property
KS ST 60-1006 Foreclosure of security interest
KS ST 60-1007 Same; sale of property to satisfy judgment
KS ST 60-1008 Same; return; confirmation of sale
KS ST 60-1009 Same; application of proceeds
KS ST 60-1010 Same; act supplemental to civil code

KY ST § 383.200 Definitions of forcible entry and detainer
KY ST § 383.205 Time when tenancy created immaterial
KY ST § 383.210 Issual and form of warrant; jury not summoned unless demanded
KY ST § 383.215 Execution of warrant
KY ST § 383.220 Return of warrant; jury; oath
KY ST § 383.230 Witnesses, subpoenas and coercion of attendance
KY ST § 383.240 Form of judgment
KY ST § 383.245 Proceedings upon failure to file appeal; form and issual of warrant of restitution
KY ST § 383.250 Preservation of papers, records and proceedings; transcript
KY ST § 383.255 Time for filing appeal; deposit of money with clerk; return of KY ST § papers or transcript to circuit court
KY ST § 383.260 Recovery of damages and expenses
KY ST § 383.270 Proceedings on judgments of circuit court
KY ST § 383.275 Restraint of waste
KY ST § 383.280 Actions for trespass, waste, rent or profits not barred
KY ST § 383.285 Limitation of action

LA C.C.P. Art. 3651 Petitory action
LA C.C.P. Art. 3652 Same; parties; venue
LA C.C.P. Art. 3653 Same; proof of title; immovable
LA C.C.P. Art. 3654 Proof of title in action for declaratory judgment, concursus, expropriation, or similar proceeding
LA C.C.P. Art. 3655 Possessory action
LA C.C.P. Art. 3656 Same; parties; venue
LA C.C.P. Art. 3657 Same; cumulation with petitory action prohibited; conversion into or separate petitory action by defendant
LA C.C.P. Art. 3658 Same; requisites
LA C.C.P. Art. 3659 Same; disturbance in fact and in law defined
LA C.C.P. Art. 3660 Same; possession
LA C.C.P. Art. 4701 Termination of lease; notice to vacate; waiver of notice
LA C.C.P. Art. 4702 Notice to occupant other than tenant to vacate
LA C.C.P. Art. 4703 Delivery or service when premises abandoned or closed, or whereabouts of tenant or occupant unknown
LA C.C.P. Art. 4704 Definitions
LA C.C.P. Art. 4705 Lessors' rights or real actions not affected
LA C.C.P. Art. 4731 Rule to show cause why possession should not be delivered; abandonment of premises
LA C.C.P. Art. 4732 Trial of rule; judgment of eviction
LA C.C.P. Art. 4733 Warrant for possession if judgment of eviction not complied with
LA C.C.P. Art. 4734 Execution of warrant

ME ST T. 14 § 6001 Availability of remedy
ME ST T. 14 § 6002 Tenancy at will; buildings on land of another
ME ST T. 14 § 6003 Jurisdiction
ME ST T. 14 § 6004 Commencement of action
ME ST T. 14 § 6004-A Mediation
ME ST T. 14 § 6005 Writ of possession; service
ME ST T. 14 § 6008 Appeal
ME ST T. 14 § 6010 Sums due for rent and damages
ME ST T. 14 § 6010-A Landlord's duty to mitigate
ME ST T. 14 § 6013 Property unclaimed by tenant

MD REAL PROP § 8-401 Nonpayment of rent
MD REAL PROP § 8-402 Tenant holding over; liability
MD REAL PROP § 8-402.1 Proceedings upon breach of lease
MD REAL PROP § 8-402.2 Actions for ejectment
MD REAL PROP § 8-402.4 Wrongful detainer actions; procedures
MD REAL PROP § 8-403 Rent paid into court; agency
MD REAL PROP § 8-404 Title disputes
MD R RCP DIST CT RULE 3-711 Landlord-Tenant And Grantee Actions

MA ST 184 § 18 Entry into land; legal proceedings required to recover possession of land or tenements; jurisdiction
MA ST 186 § 13 Recovery of possession after termination of tenancy at will
MA ST 239 § 1 Persons entitled to summary process
MA ST 239 § 1A Land or tenements used for residential purposes; action by lessor under this chapter to recover possession; conditions and restrictions
MA ST 239 § 2 Jurisdiction; venue; form of writ
MA ST 239 § 3 Judgment and execution; costs; appeal
MA ST 239 § 4 Storage of property removed; liens and enforcement; penalties
MA ST 239 § 5 Appeal; bond; actions thereon; waiver; appeal of waiver or periodic payments; notice of decision
MA ST 239 § 7 Judgments; effect
MA ST 239 § 8 Three years quiet possession; effect
MA R SUM PROC Rule 2 Form of Summons and Complaint; Entry of Action; Scheduling of Trial Date; Service of Process

MI ST 600.5704 Jurisdiction
MI ST 600.5706 Venue
MI ST 600.5711 Entry upon realty; authorization, manner
MI ST 600.5714 Grounds for summary recovery of possession; holding over by public housing tenant or occupant or mobile home park tenant
MI ST 600.5716 Demand for possession or payment; form, contents
MI ST 600.5718 Service of demand; date of service of mailed demand
MI ST 600.5720 Circumstances precluding entry of judgment for possession; retaliatory termination of tenancy defense, presumptions, burden of proof
MI ST 600.5726. Forfeiture of executory contracts for the purchase of realty; recovery of possession of realty; accelerated indebtedness
MI ST 600.5735 Summons; issuance, service, contents, time summons remains in effect; hearing, time
MI ST 600.5738 Jury trial; demand, procedure
MI ST 600.5739. Joinder of claims and counterclaims for damages, for breach of lease or contract, or for waste or malicious destruction; separate disposition of claim for possession; limitation on claim for money judgment; award of damages for physical injury to premises, compensation for labor expended in repairing premises
MI ST 600.5741 Judgment for possession; entry, enforcement by writ of restitution; determination of amount payable to preclude issuance of writ; costs
MI ST 600.5744. Issuance of writ of restitution; conditions, foreclosure of equitable right of redemption
MI ST 600.5747. Judgment for defendant for costs, grounds
MI ST 600.5750. Summary proceedings as additional to other remedies; money payments due; damages
MI ST 600.5753. Appeal
MI ST 600.5756. Filing and supplemental filing fee for action involving claim for recovery of premises; amount; disposition
MI R DIST CT MCR 4.201 Summary Proceedings To Recover Possession Of Premises

MN ST § 504B.281 Forcible entry and unlawful detainer prohibited
MN ST § 504B.285 Eviction actions; grounds; retaliation defense; combined allegations
MN ST § 504B.291 Eviction action for nonpayment; redemption; other rights
MN ST § 504B.301 Eviction action for unlawful detention
MN ST § 504B.305 Notice of seizure provision
MN ST § 504B.311 No eviction action if tenant holds over for three years
MN ST § 504B.315 Restrictions on eviction due to familial status
MN ST § 504B.321 Complaint and summons
MN ST § 504B.325 Expedited relief
MN ST § 504B.331 Summons; how served
MN ST § 504B.335 Answer; trial
MN ST § 504B.341 Continuance of trial
MN ST § 504B.345 Judgment; execution
MN ST § 504B.351 Failure of jury to reach a verdict
MN ST § 504B.355 Form of verdict
MN ST § 504B.361 Forms of summons and writ
MN ST § 504B.365 Execution of the writ of recovery of premises and order to vacate
MN ST § 504B.371 Appeals

MS ST § 11-25-1 Cases within article
MS ST § 11-25-5 Complaint
MS ST § 11-25-7 Warrant
MS ST § 11-25-11 Warrant's direction, return and execution
MS ST § 11-25-13 Witness subpoenas
MS ST § 11-25-15 Depositions
MS ST § 11-25-17 Operation of court
MS ST § 11-25-19 Prerequisite of trial
MS ST § 11-25-21 Judgement for rent
MS ST § 11-25-23 Enforcement of judgment for plaintiff
MS ST § 11-25-27 Judgment for defendant
MS ST § 11-25-101 Cases within article
MS ST § 11-25-105 Complaint
MS ST § 11-25-107 Warrant, issuance and form
MS ST § 11-25-109 Warrant, return
MS ST § 11-25-111 Claims for rent
MS ST § 11-25-113 Judgment for plaintiff, enforcement
MS ST § 11-25-117 Judgment for defendant, with costs
MS ST § 11-25-119 Preclusive effect

MO ST 534.010 What entries deemed lawful
MO ST 534.020 Forcible entry and detainer defined
MO ST 534.030 Unlawful detainer defined
MO ST 534.040 Estates comprehended in sections 534.010 to 534.030
MO ST 534.050 Demand for possession, how made and proved
MO ST 534.060 Before whom cognizable--centralized filing--assignment of cases
MO ST 534.070 Complaint and summons--court date assigned, when
MO ST 534.080 Form of summons
MO ST 534.090 Serving of summons--service by mail--publication of notice
MO ST 534.100 Return of officer
MO ST 534.590 Writs of restitution, against whom executed
MO ST 535.010 If rent be not paid as agreed, landlord may recover possession, how
MO ST 535.020 Procedure to recover possession--filing of statement--issuance of summons--procedure
MO ST 535.030 Service of summons
MO ST 535.040 Upon return of summons, cause to be heard
MO ST 535.050 Process shall not issue until expiration of lease, when
MO ST 535.060 Demand of rent good, when
MO ST 535.070 Purchaser of leased lands may recover possession

MT ST 3-10-302 Jurisdiction over forcible entry, unlawful detainer, and residential landlord-tenant disputes
MT ST 25-31-205 Actions for forcible entry or unlawful detainer
MT ST 70-27-101 Application and jurisdiction
MT ST 70-27-102 Forcible entry defined
MT ST 70-27-103 Forcible detainer defined
MT ST 70-27-104 Tenancy at will -- termination by notice
MT ST 70-27-105 Remedies of landlord after notice
MT ST 70-27-106 Reentry -- when and how to be made
MT ST 70-27-107 Action for possession under right of reentry -- notice not required
MT ST 70-27-108 Unlawful detainer defined
MT ST 70-27-109 General rules of practice applicable
MT ST 70-27-110 Service of notice -- how made
MT ST 70-27-201 Trial by jury
MT ST 70-27-202 Actions in justice's court to be tried within 10 days
MT ST 70-27-203 Showings required on trial
MT ST 70-27-204 Amendment of complaint after trial begins
MT ST 70-27-205 Verdict, judgment, and execution
MT ST 70-27-206 Treble damages
MT ST 70-27-207 Holdover or collusion after notice -- treble rent
MT ST 70-27-208 Holdover after tenant's notice to quit -- treble rent
MT ST 70-27-209 Treble rent exclusive of interest
MT ST 70-27-210 Relief against forfeiture of lease in case of hardship

NE ST § 25-203 Actions for forcible entry and detainer of real property
NE ST § 25-21,219 Forcible entry and detainer; jurisdiction; exception
NE ST § 25-21,220 Forcible entry and detainer; against whom proceedings may be had; provisions not exclusive
NE ST § 25-21,221 Forcible entry and detainer; notice to leave premises; when and how served
NE ST § 25-21,222 Forcible entry and detainer; complaint; contents
NE ST § 25-21,223 Forcible entry and detainer; summons; service; trial date
NE ST § 25-21,224 Forcible entry and detainer; failure of defendant to appear; effect
NE ST § 25-21,225 Forcible entry and detainer; continuance for more than seven days; undertaking required
NE ST § 25-21,226 Forcible entry and detainer; trial without jury; judgment; restitution; costs
NE ST § 25-21,227 Forcible entry and detainer; trial by jury; verdict
NE ST § 25-21,228 Forcible entry and detainer; verdict; entry; judgment.
NE ST § 25-21,229 Forcible entry and detainer; exceptions

NV ST 40.240 Forcible detainer defined
NV ST 40.250 Unlawful detainer: Possession after expiration of term
NV ST 40.251 Unlawful detainer: Possession of property leased for indefinite time after notice to quit; older or disabled person entitled to extension of period of possession upon request
NV ST 40.2512 Unlawful detainer: Possession after default in payment of rent
NV ST 40.2514 Unlawful detainer: Assignment or subletting contrary to lease; waste; unlawful business; nuisance; violations of controlled substances laws
NV ST 40.2516 Unlawful detainer: Possession after failure to perform conditions of lease; saving lease from forfeiture
NV ST 40.252 Unlawful detainer: Contractual provisions void if contrary to specified periods of notice; notice to quit or surrender by colessor is valid unless showing other colessors did not authorize notice
NV ST 40.253 Unlawful detainer: Supplemental remedy of summary eviction and exclusion of tenant for default in payment of rent
NV ST 40.254 Unlawful detainer: Supplemental remedy of summary eviction and exclusion of tenant from certain types of property
NV ST 40.255 Removal of person holding over after 3-day notice to quit; circumstances authorizing removal
Et seq.
NV ST 118B.115 Written consent may be required before manufactured home or recreational vehicle is moved into park; remedies if written consent is not obtained; exception
NV ST J CTS RCP RULE 101 Notice Requirements

NH ST § 540:1 Tenancies, Nature of
NH ST § 540:1-a Definitions
NH ST § 540:2 Termination of Tenancy
NH ST § 540:3 Eviction Notice
NH ST § 540:4 Demand
NH ST § 540:5 Service of Demand and Eviction Notice
NH ST § 540:6 Violation of Lease
NH ST § 540:7 Demand of Rent
NH ST § 540:8 Time of
NH ST § 540:9 Payment After Notice
NH ST § 540:9-a Payment by Voucher and Application of Rents Paid by a Municipality

NJ ST 2A:39-1 Unlawful entry prohibited
NJ ST 2A:39-2 Forcible or unlawful entry and detainer defined
NJ ST 2A:39-3 Forcible detainer defined
NJ ST 2A:39-4 Unlawful detainer defined
NJ ST 2A:39-5 Unlawful detainer; notice
NJ ST 2A:39-6 Jurisdiction
NJ ST 2A:39-7 Title not inquired into; defense of 3 years possessio
NJ ST 2A:39-8 Recovery of damages and possession of property; treble damages in lieu of possession
NJ ST 2A:42-5 Holding over by tenant after giving notice of quitting; double rent recoverable
NJ ST 2A:42-6 Willful holding over by tenant after expiration of term; notice to deliver possession; penalty
NJ ST 2A:42-6.1 Five day grace period for payment of rent
NJ ST 2A:42-7 Action for possession for nonpayment of rent; service of summons
NJ ST 2A:42-8 Judgment and execution bar to relief, except appeal
NJ ST 2A:42-9 Dismissal on payment of rent and costs; resumption of lease
NJ ST 2A:42-10.1 Warrant or writ for removal; writ of possession; issuance; stays
NJ ST 2A:42-10.6 Warrant or writ for recovery of premises not under rent control; issuance; stay

NM ST § 35-10-1 Forcible entry or detainer; grounds
NM ST § 35-10-2 Limitation of remedy
NM ST § 35-10-3 Forcible entry or detainer; special provisions
NM ST § 35-10-4 Forcible entry or detainer; judgment
NM ST § 35-10-5 Forcible entry or detainer; damages on appeal
NM ST § 35-10-6 Forcible entry or detainer; form of execution
NM ST § 47-8-37 Notice of termination and damages
NM ST § 47-8-38 Injunctive relief
NM ST § 47-8-39 Owner retaliation prohibited
NM ST § 47-8-40 Action for possession by owner
NM ST § 47-8-41 Action for possession by owner or resident
NM ST § 47-8-42 Petition for restitution
NM ST § 47-8-43 Issuance of summons
NM ST § 47-8-44 Absence from court of defendant
NM ST § 47-8-45 Legal or equitable defense
NM ST § 47-8-46 Writ of restitution
NM ST § 47-8-47 Appeal stays execution

NY RP ACT & PRO § 701 Jurisdiction; courts; venue
NY RP ACT & PRO § 711 Grounds where landlord-tenant relationship exists
NY RP ACT & PRO § 713 Grounds where no landlord-tenant relationship exists
NY RP ACT & PRO § 715 Grounds and procedure where use or occupancy is illegal
NY RP ACT & PRO § 721 Person who may maintain proceeding
NY RP ACT & PRO § 731 Commencement; notice of petition
NY RP ACT & PRO § 732 Special provisions applicable in non-payment proceeding if the rules so provide
NY RP ACT & PRO § 733 Time of service; order to show cause
NY RP ACT & PRO § 735 Manner of service; filing; when service complete
NY RP ACT & PRO § 741 Contents of petition
NY RP ACT & PRO § 743 Answer
NY RP ACT & PRO § 745 Trial
NY RP ACT & PRO § 747 Judgment
NY RP ACT & PRO § 747-a Judgments; stays
NY RP ACT & PRO § 749 Warrant
NY RP ACT & PRO § 751 Stay upon paying rent or giving undertaking; discretionary stay outside city of New York
NY RP ACT & PRO § 753 Stay where tenant holds over in premises occupied for dwelling purposes in city of New York
NY RP ACT & PRO § 761 Redemption by lessee
NY RP ACT & PRO § 765 Effect of redemption upon lease
NY RP ACT & PRO § 767 Order of redemption; liability of persons redeeming

NC ST § 42-25.6 Manner of ejectment of residential tenants
NC ST § 42-25.7 Distress and distraint not permitted
NC ST § 42-25.8 Contrary lease provisions
NC ST § 42-25.9 Remedies
NC ST § 42-26 Tenant holding over may be dispossessed in certain cases
NC ST § 42-28 Summons issued by clerk
NC ST § 42-29 Service of summons
NC ST § 42-30 Judgment by confession, where plaintiff has proved case, or failure to appear
NC ST § 42-31 Trial by magistrate
NC ST § 42-32 Damages assessed to trial
NC ST § 42-33 Rent and costs tendered by tenant
NC ST § 42-34 Undertaking on appeal and order staying execution
NC ST § 42-34.1 Rent pending execution of judgment; post bond pending appeal
NC ST § 42-35 Restitution of tenant, if case quashed, etc., on appeal
NC ST § 42-36 Damages to tenant for dispossession, if proceedings quashed, etc.
NC ST § 42-36.1 A Judgments for possession more than 30 days old
NC ST § 42-36.2 Notice to tenant of execution of writ for possession of property; storage of evicted tenant's personal property

ND ST 33-06-01 When eviction maintainable
ND ST 33-06-02 Appearance--Notice of intention to evict--When required--When and how served
ND ST 33-06-03 Legal representatives may bring eviction actions
ND ST 33-06-04 Eviction actions not joinable with other actions--Exception-- When counterclaims only interposable
ND ST 47-16-13.4 Remedy after termination
ND ST 47-16-13.4 Remedy after termination
ND ST 47-16-13.6 Enforcement of sections 47-16-13.1 through 47-16-13.6
ND ST 47-16-13.7 Eviction--Lessee liable for rent during term of lease
ND ST 47-16-14 When a lease of real property terminates
ND ST 47-16-15 Notice of termination of lease
ND ST 47-16-16 When lessor may terminate lease
ND ST 47-16-17 When lessee may terminate lease
ND ST 47-16-25 Notice of adverse proceedings to landlord

OH ST § 1923.01 Jurisdiction in forcible entry and detainer; definitions
OH ST § 1923.02 Persons subject to forcible entry and detainer action
OH ST § 1923.03 Judgment not a bar to later action
OH ST § 1923.04 Notice; content; service; alternatives in special instances
OH ST § 1923.05 Complaint filed and recorded
OH ST § 1923.051 Actions based on controlled substance violations
OH ST § 1923.06 Summons; content; service
OH ST § 1923.061 Defenses; counterclaim
OH ST § 1923.062 Stay of proceedings or adjustment of rental obligation for tenant on active duty or immediate family member of tenant on active duty
OH ST § 1923.07 Proceedings if defendant fails to appear
OH ST § 5321.03 Actions by landlord authorized

OK ST T. 12 § 1148.1 Jurisdiction--Forcible entry and detention--Joinder of actions-- Judgments no bar
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.2 Powers of court
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.3 Extent of jurisdiction
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.4 Issuance and return of summons--Content--Amending pleading to conform to evidence
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.5 Service of summons
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.5A Constructive service of summons
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.6 Answer or affidavit by defendant
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.7 Jury trial--Trial by court
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.8 Procedure where no jury available
OK ST T. 12§ 1148.9 Attorney fees
OK ST T. 12 § 1576 Execution of order
OK ST T. 41 § 132 Tenant's failure to comply with rental agreement or perform duties-- Rights and duties of landlord

OR ST § 105.105 Entry to be made in legal and peaceable manner
OR ST § 105.110 Action for forcible entry or wrongful detainer
OR ST § 105.111 State service member
OR ST § 105.112 Action to recover personal property; form of complaint and answer
OR ST § 105.113 Form of summons
OR ST § 105.115 Unlawful holding by force
OR ST § 105.120 Notice requirement in action to recover possession of premises; waiver of notice; advance payments of rent
OR ST § 105.121 Group recovery home; action brought by former tenant
OR ST § 105.123 Complaint
OR ST § 105.124 Form of residential eviction complaint if ORS chapter 90 applies
OR ST § 105.126 Form of eviction complaint if ORS chapter 90 does not apply
OR ST § 105.128 Termination of perpetrator's tenancy; possession of dwelling unit
OR ST § 105.130 Bringing action; procedure; fees; appearance
OR ST § 105.132 Counterclaim
OR ST § 105.135 Summons; issuance; service
OR ST § 105.137 Appearance; failure to appear; unrepresented defendant; form of answer
OR ST § 105.138 Arbitration; issuance of order
OR ST § 105.139 Burden of proof in action for possession under ORS 90.403 (3)(f)
OR ST § 105.140 Continuance
OR ST § 105.145 Judgment; on trial by court; pursuant to stipulated agreement

68 P.S. § 250.102 Definitions
68 P.S. § 250.103 Provisions excluded from act
68 P.S. § 250.104 Rights of persons acquiring title by descent or purchase
68 P.S. § 250.501 Notice to quit
68 P.S. § 250.502 Summons and service
68 P.S. § 250.503 Hearing; judgment; writ of possession; payment of rent by tenant
68 P.S. § 250.504 Return by constable or sheriff
68 P.S. § 250.511 Remedy to recover possession by ejectment preserved

RI ST § 34-18-5 Administration of remedies--Enforcement
RI ST § 34-18-9 Jurisdiction
RI ST § 34-18-10 Service of process for actions pursuant to chapter
RI ST § 34-18-38 Eviction for unlawfully holding over after termination or expiration of tenancy
RI ST § 34-18-41 Waiver of landlord's right to terminate
RI ST § 34-18-43 Remedy after termination
RI ST § 34-19-1 Warrant for summons of jury
RI ST § 34-19-2 Issuance of summons to defendant
RI ST § 34-19-3 Service on defendant--Proceeding on nonappearance
RI ST § 34-19-4 Impaneling and oath of jurors
RI ST § 34-19-5 Return of verdict
RI ST § 34-19-6 Judgment and writ of restitution
RI ST § 34-19-7 Recovery of costs by defendant
RI ST § 34-19-8 Appeal not allowed--New trial--Judgment not bar to further action
RI ST § 34-19-9 Certiorari to supreme court
RI ST § 34-19-10 Limitation of actions

SC ST § 15-67-410 Action may be had against person wrongfully disseizing
SC ST § 15-67-420 Plaintiff's right to treble damages
SC ST § 15-67-430 Court of common pleas shall have jurisdiction
SC ST § 15-67-440 Restitution of possession to tenants for years
SC ST § 15-67-450 Persons who have held by force three years are unaffected by this article
SC ST § 15-67-460 Putting party ousted in possession
SC ST § 15-67-470 Forms and proceedings in cases of forcible entry and detainer are same as for tenants holding over
SC ST § 27-40-750 Remedy after termination
SC ST § 27-37-10 Grounds for ejectment of tenant
SC ST § 27-37-20 Ejectment proceedings
SC ST § 27-37-30 Service of rule; posting and mailing requirements
SC ST § 27-37-40 Tenant ejected on failure to show cause.
SC ST § 27-37-50 Change of venue.
SC ST § 27-37-60 Trial of issue
SC ST § 27-37-70 Designation of parties in ejectment
SC ST § 27-37-80 Jury trial
SC ST § 27-37-90 New trial
SC ST § 27-37-100 Effect of verdict for plaintiff

SD ST § 21-16-1 Grounds for maintenance of action
SD ST 21-16-2 Notice to quit required before commencement of proceedings--Service and return
SD ST 21-16-3 Jurisdiction of courts
SD ST 21-16-4 Joinder of actions
SD ST 21-16-5 Survival of cause despite death of plaintiff
SD ST 21-16-6 Verified complaint required--Service with summons--Procedure as in other actions
SD ST 21-16-7 Time allowed for appearance by defendant--Undertaking required for adjournment
SD ST 21-16-8 Time action brought on for trial--Special venire in jury cases
SD ST 21-16-9 Certification to circuit court of title and boundary questions raised in magistrate court
SD ST 21-16-10 Judgment for plaintiff--Elements included
Et seq.
SD ST 43-32-1 Leasing of real property defined
SD ST 43-32-2 Limited term of lease--Agricultural land--Municipal lots
SD ST 43-32-3 Hiring of real property presumed for one year--Exception
SD ST 43-32-4 Hiring of lodgings--Length of term—Presumption
SD ST 43-32-5 Lease of real property for more than one year--Written contract necessary
SD ST 43-32-6 Obligations of lessor of real property--Tenant's remedies against lessor
SD ST 43-32-6.1 Maximum security deposit for residential premises--Larger deposit by mutual agreement
SD ST 43-32-7 Repealed by SL 1983, ch 13, § 29
SD ST 43-32-8 Residential lessor to keep premises in repair--Disrepair caused by lessee--Agreements for repairs in lieu of rent--Liability to third persons unaffected
SD ST 43-32-9 Failure of lessor to repair premises--Lessee's remedies

TN ST § 29-18-101 Unlawful entry
TN ST § 29-18-102 Forcible entry and detainer; exceptions
TN ST § 29-18-103 Forcible detainer
TN ST § 29-18-104 Unlawful detainer
TN ST § 29-18-105 Scope
TN ST § 29-18-106 Real estate; recovery; alternatives
TN ST § 29-18-107 Jurisdiction; general sessions courts
TN ST § 29-18-108 Jurisdiction; circuit courts
TN ST § 29-18-109 Limitation of actions
TN ST § 29-18-110 Death; revival

TX CIV PRAC & REM § 15.084 Forcible Entry and Detainer
TX CIV PRAC & REM § 16.003 Two-Year Limitations Period
TX PROPERTY § 24.001 Forcible Entry and Detainer
TX PROPERTY § 24.002 Forcible Detainer
TX PROPERTY § 24.003 Substitution of Parties
TX PROPERTY § 24.004 Jurisdiction
TX PROPERTY § 24.005 Notice to Vacate Prior to Filing Eviction Suit
TX PROPERTY § 24.0051 Procedures Applicable in Suit to Evict and Recover Unpaid Rent
TX PROPERTY § 24.0052 Tenant Appeal on Pauper's Affidavit
TX PROPERTY § 24.0053 Payment of Rent During Appeal of Eviction
TX PROPERTY § 24.0054 Tenant's Failure to Pay Rent During Appeal
TX PROPERTY § 24.006 Attorney's Fees and Costs of Suit
TX PROPERTY § 91.001 Notice for Terminating Certain Tenancies

UT ST § 78B-6-801 Definitions
UT ST § 78B-6-802 Unlawful detainer by tenant for term less than life
UT ST § 78B-6-803 Right of tenant of agricultural lands to hold over
UT ST § 78B-6-804 Remedies available to tenant against undertenant
UT ST § 78B-6-805 Notice to quit--How served
UT ST § 78B-6-806 Necessary parties defendant
UT ST § 78B-6-807 Allegations permitted in complaint--Time for appearance-- Service of summons
UT ST § 78B-6-808 Possession bond of plaintiff--Alternative remedies
UT ST § 78B-6-809 Proof required of plaintiff—Defense
UT ST § 78B-6-810 Court procedures

VT ST T. 9 § 4467 Termination of tenancy; notice
VT ST T. 9 § 4468 Termination of tenancy; action for possession
VT ST T. 12 § 4911 Entry or detainer with force; forcible entry prohibited
VT ST T. 12 § 4912 Trial of forcible entry and detainer
VT ST T. 12 § 4913 Restitution
VT ST T. 12 § 4914 Complaint and warrant
VT ST T. 12 § 4916 Verdict of guilty, restitution ordered when; fine
VT ST T. 12 § 4917 Costs; verdict guilty
VT ST T. 12 § 4918 Costs; verdict not guilty
VT ST T. 12 § 4919 Proceedings when respondent cannot be found
VT ST T. 12 § 4920 Trespass for treble damages
VT ST T. 12 § 4921 Entry or detainer without force--Complaint; trial; writ of restitution
VT ST T. 12 § 4922 Entry or detainer without force--Mode of original process; no fine
VT ST T. 12 § 4923 Entry or detainer without force--Action of trespass to recover damages
VT ST T. 12 § 4924 Entry or detainer without force--Exceptions
VT ST T. 12 § 4926 Limitation of action

VA ST § 8.01-124 Motion for judgment in circuit court for unlawful entry or detainer
VA ST § 8.01-125 When summons returnable to circuit court; jury
VA ST § 8.01-126 Summons for unlawful detainer issued by magistrate, clerk or judge of a general district court
VA ST § 8.01-127 Repealed by Acts 2007, c. 869
VA ST § 8.01-128 Verdict and judgment; damages
VA ST § 8.01-129 Appeal from judgment of general district court
VA ST § 8.01-130 Judgment not to bar action of trespass or ejectment
VA ST § 8.01-131 Action of ejectment retained; when and by whom brought
VA ST § 8.01-132 What interest and right plaintiff must have
VA ST § 8.01-133 Who shall be defendants; when and how landlord may defend
VA ST § 55-248.35 Remedy after termination

WA ST 59.12.010 Forcible entry defined
WA ST 59.12.020 Forcible detainer defined
WA ST 59.12.030 Unlawful detainer defined
WA ST 59.12.035 Holding over on agricultural land, effect of
WA ST 59.12.040 Service of notice--Proof of service
WA ST 59.12.050 Jurisdiction of proceedings
WA ST 59.12.060 Parties defendant
WA ST 59.12.070 Complaint--Summons
WA ST 59.12.080 Summons--Contents--Service
WA ST 59.12.090 Writ of restitution—Bond
WA ST 59.16.010 Unlawful detainer defined
WA ST 59.16.020 Pleadings, requirements
WA ST 59.16.030 Issues--Trial
WA ST 59.16.040 Parties defendant--Trial of separate issues
WA ST 59.18.050 Jurisdiction of district and superior courts
WA ST 59.18.370 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Writ of restitution--Application--Order--Hearing
WA ST 59.18.375 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Payment of rent into court registry--Writ of restitution--Notice
WA ST 59.18.380 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Writ of restitution--Answer--Order--Stay--Bond
WA ST 59.18.390 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Writ of restitution--Service--Defendant's bond
WA ST 59.18.400 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Writ of restitution--Answer of defendant
WA ST 59.18.410 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions--Writ of restitution--Judgment—Execution

WV ST § 37-6-19 Right of reentry; ejectment; unlawful detainer; judgment by default
WV ST § 37-6-22 Injunction against ejectment or unlawful detainer
WV ST § 37-6-23 Effect of payment of rent or relief in equity
WV ST § 55-3-1 Issuance of summons
WV ST § 55-3-2 Assessment of damages
WV ST § 55-3-3 Return day and service of summons; plea; issue and trial
WV ST § 55-3-4 Period of limitation; verdict and judgment
WV ST § 55-3-5 Judgment not a bar to action of ejectment; verdict not conclusive of facts in future action; allowance for improvements not precluded
WV ST § 55-3-6 Equitable defenses; adverse possession
WV ST § 55-3A-1 Petition for summary relief for wrongful occupation of residential rental property
WV ST § 55-3A-2 Defenses available
WV ST § 55-3A-3 Proceedings in court; final order; disposition of abandoned personal property
WV ST § 56-1-1 Venue generally

WI ST 704.17 Notice terminating tenancies for failure to pay rent or other breach by tenant
WI ST 704.19 Notice necessary to terminate periodic tenancies and tenancies at will
WI ST 704.21 Manner of giving notice
WI ST 704.22 Service of process in residential tenancy on nonresident party
WI ST 704.23 Removal of tenant on termination of tenancy
WI ST 704.25 Effect of holding over after expiration of lease; removal of tenant
WI ST 704.27 Damages for failure of tenant to vacate at end of lease or after notice
WI ST 704.29 Recovery of rent and damages by landlord; mitigation
WI ST 704.31 Remedy on default in long terms; improvements
WI ST 843.01 Action for possession
WI ST 843.02 Effect of conveyance
WI ST 843.03 Complaint, what to allege
WI ST 843.04 Future interests
WI ST 843.05 Defendants; separate trials
WI ST 843.06 Death of parties
WI ST 843.07 Defenses: legal; equitable
WI ST 843.08 Defense; condemnation; how pleaded
WI ST 843.09 Counterclaim for improvements
WI ST 843.10 Counterclaim that plaintiff be required to sell land to defendant

WY ST § 1-21-403 Appeal of forcible entry and detainer actions
WY ST § 1-21-1001 Jurisdiction of circuit courts
WY ST § 1-21-1002 When proceedings allowed
WY ST § 1-21-1003 Notice to quit premises required
WY ST § 1-21-1004 Summons; service and return
WY ST § 1-21-1005 Proceedings when defendant fails to appear
WY ST § 1-21-1006 Proceedings when defendant appears
WY ST § 1-21-1007 Bond on granting continuance
WY ST § 1-21-1008 Trial by judge or jury; judgment and costs
WY ST § 1-21-1009 Trial by jury; verdict
WY ST § 1-21-1010 Judgment upon verdict
WY ST § 1-21-1211 Owner's remedies; eviction; judicial remedies; damages

U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. V
U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. XIV
42 U.S.C.A. § 3601
42 U.S.C.A. § 3602 Definitions
42 U.S.C.A. § 3603 Effective dates of certain prohibitions
42 U.S.C.A. § 3615 Effect on State laws
ULA RES LAND & TEN § 4.301 Periodic Tenancy; Holdover Remedies

21 G.C.A. § 21103 Unlawful Detainer Defined
21 G.C.A. § 21104 When Person Holding Over Must Vacate Property
21 G.C.A. § 21105 Service of Notice
21 G.C.A. § 21106 In Unlawful Detainer, Tenant Alone May be Made Defendant
21 G.C.A. § 21107 Parties Generally
21 G.C.A. § 21108 Complaint Must be Verified
21 G.C.A. § 21109 Summons, Form and Service of
21 G.C.A. § 21110 Arrest
21 G.C.A. § 21111 Judgment by Default
21 G.C.A. § 21112 Defendant May Appear, etc.
21 G.C.A. § 21113 Showing Required of Plaintiff in Forcible Entry or Detainer. Of Defendant
21 G.C.A. § 21114 Complaint in Forcible Entry May be Amended
21 G.C.A. § 21115 Judgment, What it Shall Declare
21 G.C.A. § 21116 Effect of an Appeal Upon the Judgment
21 G.C.A. § 21119 Forfeiture, Relief Against

32 L.P.R.A. § 2821 Persons entitled to commence action of unlawful detainer
32 L.P.R.A. § 2822 Persons against whom action lies
32 L.P.R.A. § 2823 Jurisdiction; appearance
32 L.P.R.A. § 2824 Commencement of action; time for hearing
32 L.P.R.A. § 2825 Summons
32 L.P.R.A. § 2826 Procedure at trial; judgment
32 L.P.R.A. § 2827 Presentation of proof
32 L.P.R.A. § 2828 Placing of case on calendar
32 L.P.R.A. § 2829 Proof in action for nonpayment of rent
32 L.P.R.A. § 2830 Appeals

28 V.I.C. § 781 When entry allowed; forcible entry prohibited
28 V.I.C. § 782 Action for forcible entry or detainer
28 V.I.C. § 783 Complaint
28 V.I.C. § 784 Procedure generally
28 V.I.C. § 785 Time for summons and answer; default judgment
28 V.I.C. § 786 Continuance
28 V.I.C. § 787 Form of execution
28 V.I.C. § 788 Appeal bond
28 V.I.C. § 789 Failure to pay rent; expiration of lease; time for notice to quit
28 V.I.C. § 790 Form and service of notice to quit


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